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Research suggests that a student who successfully completes three

semesters of college has a higher likelihood of graduating. Therefore,

we as a Board would like to provide two African American male

students with the opportunity to earn a $3,000 scholarship, $1,000

each, per semester, to fund their first three successful semesters, to

attend a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

It is our goal to offer this opportunity to students who have

demonstrated the ability to succeed, but may not otherwise be eligible

for scholarship funds. In addition to scholarship funding, we offer the

following student support program:

• Mentoring

• College Search Assistance


We hope that you will support these young men in achieving their goals

by providing a tax deductible donation to our fundraising campaign. In

short, if 50 people/organizations donate $60 each we can reach our

goal to award our first two students.

Please make checks payable to Cincinnati Aspire Scholarship Foundation,

at P.O. Box 157252, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215.

Cincinnati Aspire Board Members and their families are not eligible.


Thank you for making a difference in a student’s life.

Cincinnati Aspire Board

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